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On September 9, 1909 at Coffroth's Arena in San Francisco world heavyweight champion Jack Johnson made his third defense of his title against Al Kaufman. Johnson, 8 years older than Kaufman, weighed in at 209 lbs to Kaufman's 191. On a blazing hot day Johnson dominated and won a ten round decision, although technically under the terms of the contract it was a no decision. The Indianapolis newspaper The Freeman reported that the world title was at stake. Before the bout, Referee Eddie Smith announced that he would give no decision if both men were on their feet at the end of the 10 rounds. Following the bout, Referee Eddie Smith said: "Johnson outfought, outhit and outgeneraled Kaufman all through the fight." A well-known San Francisco sporting authority was asked after the fight how Jim Jeffries, the retired former World Heavyweight Champion, would do against Johnson. He replied: "Jeffries will do well to stay in retirement. Johnson would probably leave the ring with his championship laurels. Johnson, in his battle with Kaufman, proved he is a master of the boxing game. There never was a time in the entire contest when the Californian had a chance. He was simply a chopping block for the champion." Offered here is a large format photograph depicting the two fighters squaring off before the start of the fight. The photo was taken in 1909. This large format photograph dates to the 1920's.
This is a large format photograph mounted on board. Photo taken in 1909. This large format dates to the 1920's. Bold, clear image. Not creased or torn. Slight staining on edges, otherwise clean. 18" x 22."

Size: 18 x 22

Condition: very good