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July 4, 1910 Jack Johnson successfully defended his heavyweight title against Jim Jeffries, the former champion. Jeffries had retired undefeated champion after his last fight in 1904. Encouraged greatly by a racist public eager to get rid of Jack Johnson, Jeffries agreed to fight Johnson, but age and an almost six year lay-off, coupled with Johnson's great skill and youth proved to be too much. Jeffries was easily defeated in a one sided match. Offered here is a rare, large format photograph of Johnson and Jeffries in a square off photograph with referee and promoter Tex Rickard standing between them. By noted photographer Dana of San Francisco.
This photogrpah is printed on heavy board. Likely printed just after the fight and made up by the photographer, Dana. The images are bold. There is a stain on lower right and along the upper borders. No creases or tears. A very rare period image. 15" x 20."

Size: 15 x 20

Condition: very good