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HISTORY: Jack Johnson, the first African American to win the World Heavyweight Title, followed champion Tommy Burns around the world in order to procure a fight with him. The tour stopped in Sydney, Australia, where, under the promotion of Hugh McIntosh the fight was arranged. The date was set for December 26, 1908 and was held in the morning so as to not interfere with the afternoon racing crowd. Burns was small, but tough and had vast experience before and after winning the title. It added up to little against the bigger, stronger, quicker, Jack Johnson. Johnson played with Burns for 13 rounds before stopping him in the 14th. Jack Johnson had the coveted title and the world saw a new face on boxing. Artist Norman Lindsey captured the two men in his colorful drawing done in 1908 at the time of the fight. That original drawing is offered here. Norman Lindsey is arguably Austarlia's most famous artist. Born in 1879 he painted etchings and watercolors throughout his life many of which are contained in books published throughout the world. This artwork originally appeared on the cover of the Australian publication The Lone Hand, which Lindsey was working for at the time of the fight. A cartoon recreation appeared in The Bulletin in 1955.

FULL DESCRIPTION: This artwork measures 12" x 14" and has been professionally framed. It maintains vivid color. Burns is pictured in a crouch with the menacing Johnson towering over him. Wonderful likenesses of both fighters. Signed by the artist under the image of Jack Johnson. Excellent condition. A an extremely rare opportunity to purchase original artwork from one of the most important and notable fights in boxing history.

Size: 12 x 14

Condition: excellent