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Jack Johnson, the first African-American to win the World Heavyweight Title accomplished that feat defeating Tommy Burns in Australia on December 26, 1908. Later defeated Stanley Ketchel and former champion James Jeffries. On June 10, 1946, Johnson died in a car crash on U.S. Highway 1 near Franklinton, North Carolina, a small town near Raleigh, after racing angrily from a diner that refused to serve him. He was taken to the closest black hospital, Saint Agnes Hospital in Raleigh. He was 68 years old at the time of his death. He was buried next to Etta Duryea Johnson at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. Offered here is an original wire photo dated November 4, 1969 depicting the new grave marker of Jack Johnson.
This is an original Wide World Photos wire photo with their stamp and caption on the back. Bold, clear image. Not creased or torn. Clean front and back. Minor edge wear. 7" x 9."

Size: 7 x 9

Condition: excellent