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HISTORY: On July 4, 1910 in Reno, Nevada Jack Johnson defended his World Heavyweight Title against former undefeated champion James Jeffries in one of the most celebrated fights of all time. Despite the public clamor for Jeffries to end his retirement and end the reign of the first African-American heavyweight champion Johnson dominated the fight from the outset. Johnson's superior skill, size, and athletic ability combined with the 5 year layoff Jeffries took before the fight resulted in a completely one sided affair with Johnson stopping the "Great White Hope" in the 15th round. Offered here is an original, large format photograph depicting the signing of the contract for the fight on October 29,1909 in New York City.

FULL DESCRIPTION: This is one of the finest large format antique photographs we have to offer on the website. Both fighters are pictured along with other dignataries like Abe Attell and Sam Berger. The photo is 10" x 14" on a mount of 16" x 19." There is a stain on the bottom border of the mount which does not detract from the beauty of this photograph. This was used as an advertisement for Pommery, the champaign offered at the contract signing and seen on the table in front of the fighters. Beautiful caligraphy notes the evnt, date and the important people attending.

Size: 16 x 19

Condition: excellent