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Frank Klaus was born on December 30, 1887 in Pittsburgh, PA. He defeated Georges Carpentier on June 24, 1912 for the Middleweight Championship of the World Title, recognized by Europe. He also fought Harry Greb, Billy Papke, and Stanley Ketchel during his career. Presented here is an antique photo postcard of Klaus in the ring.
This real photo postcard measures 3 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches.The card has a small crease in the lower left corner and the other corners show some wear.There is minor soiling on the front of the card on the white border only.The back has the postcard markings and also has markings from the Dana Studios and dated 1911.Frank Klaus' name is written in ink on the back.There is some soling on the back of the postcard.The images are clean.

Size: 3 1/2 x 5 1/2

Condition: excellent