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HISTORY: On October 5, 2013 at Olimpiyskiy, Moscow world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko defended his title against Alexander Povetkin. Klitschko won a unanimous 12 round decision. Dan Raphael reported- " Povetkin's game plan seemed simply to rush Klitschko and try to land one big overhand right, which he stopped trying to do by the middle rounds after tasting Klitschko's power. For the first few rounds, he was trying to rough up Klitschko and did make him a bit uncomfortable, but Klitschko did what his late, great trainer Emanuel Steward had taught him to do so effectively, the same strategy Steward had taught former champ Lennox Lewis to use his size advantage to tie up his opponent and to lean on him to sap his energy. Klitschko often uses the strategy of punching and then tying up, especially early in a fight. But against Povetkin, it was Klitschko's primary weapon and it made for an ugly fight. Referee Luis Pabon, who received heavy criticism for the way he handled Povetkin's fight last year with Marco Huck, allowed Klitschko to drape himself all over Povetkin after almost every punch. No warnings or point deductions for repeated infractions that made the fight almost unwatchable. The exciting moments came in the second and seventh rounds. In the second, Klitschko landed a fantastic left hook that dropped Povetkin for the first time in his life. In the seventh round, Klitschko nearly ended the fight with three more knockdowns. He used left hooks and right hands and took Povetkin's legs away from him, but Povetkin managed to survive the round on heart alone. As ugly as the fight was, it wasn't all Klitschko's fault. There were many times when Povetkin, even when Klitschko was leaning on him, had his hands free and didn't punch. That's on him, not Klitschko. If Pabon wasn't going to warn Klitschko for the constant learning and clinching, why would he stop doing what was so effective? Klitschko bruised Povetkin's right eye in the middle of the fight, cut his left eye late and was so obviously winning big that when Pabon finally took a point from Klitschko in the 11th round for shoving a weary Povetkin to the canvas, it meant nothing. The outcome was obvious: another easy Klitschko win against an overmatched opponent.  Offered here is an original, full, unused, on site ticket for this event.

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