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Sandor Kovacs was born in Hungary and came to Canada when he was about 10, living at different times in Oshawa, Guelph and St. Catharines. He didn't know any English and had to learn quickly. An introduction to Greco-Roman wrestling when in school in St. Catharines under coach Cliff Chilcott proved to be a universal translator. He joined the Royal Canadian Navy during WWII and became an officer, stationed in Halifax. Kovacs' love of wrestling helped keep him out of combat overseas. "His commanding officer was intrigued by the wrestling bit, so he wanted to keep him there, which was okay with Sandy," recalled his wife of 45 years, Betty, a few years back. While in the Navy, he met Stu Hart. Kovacs tried different work after the War ended, including working in an auto factory, and as a tool and dye maker. But his mind drifted back to Hart and his determination to go to New York to make it as a pro wrestler. Kovacs followed his new friend to the Big Apple, and took a room with Hart and an Englishman who would wrestle as Lord James Blears. Wrestling took Kovacs around the world, and throughout North America, though he was never much of a heavyweight, struggling to get to 220 pounds on his 5-foot-11 frame. The rich, full life of Sandor Kovacs came to an end on Wednesday evening, June 30th, 2004, when he died at the Lakeview Nursing Home in Vancouver, BC after a long struggle with Alzheimer's disease. He was just a week shy of his 84th birthday. Offered here is a vintage photograph of Sandor Kovacs which he has signed and inscribed.
This is an original promotional photo of Kovacs as he looked at the height of his career. Bold, clear image. Not creased or torn. Clean. Boldly signed in ink, "To my good friend & a true sport "Doc" Austell from Sandor Kovacs." 5" x 8."

Size: 5 x 8

Condition: excellent