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On September 13, 1950 at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit world middleweight champion Jake LaMotta fought an old nemesis Laurent Dauthuille with the title at stake. Dauthuille out fought LaMotta going into the 15th round, but in the 15th round LaMotta knocked Dauthuille out and kept his title. The scoring at time of knockout was 72-68, 74-66, 71-69 for Dauthuille. This was the 1950 Fight of the Year by Ring Magazine. "All Dauthuille required when the bell sounded for the final round was to play safe, and had he boxed he would have come through triumphantly." It was a good fight for the first eleven rounds, but full of drama and excitement in the last four (The Ring, November, 1950). Offered here is a rare, original, official program for this event which has been signed by Jake LaMotta.
This is an original, official program. 4 pages complete with scorecard, photos and biographies of the fighters. Tight binding. Two cover creases. Not scored. Clear tape on inside page. Boldly signed in ink on inside cover page by Jake LaMotta. Generally clean. 8 1/2" x 11."

Size: 8 1/2 x 11

Condition: very good