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World Light-Heavyweight Champion from 1916 to 1920, Battling Levinsky began his boxing career under the name Barney Williams. However, he received little attention until he took on a manager named Dan Morgan in 1913, who changed Barney´s name and his boxing fortunes. True to his new name, Battling Levinsky fought 37 times in 1914 — 9 times in the month of January alone. In January 1915, he began the year with three 10-round bouts on New Year´s Day 1 each in Brooklyn, Waterbury, Connecticut, and New York City. After two title-match losses to Light Heavyweight Champion Jack Dillon, (April 1914 and April 1916), Levinsky wrested the crown from Dillon on October 24, 1916. Fifty-nine bouts later, almost four years to the day, he lost his championship to France´s Georges Carpentier. Presented here is an original exhibit card.
This card measures 3 1/4 inches by 5 1/4 inches.The card shows edge and corner wear,no creases.The back has imprinted stats on Levinsky. The image is clean.

Size: 3 1/4 x 5 1/4

Condition: very good