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HISTORY: This is an original movie poster for Joe Palooka Champ from 1946 which among others featured appearances by Joe Louis, Henry Armstrong and Cerferino Garcia. A synopsis of the movie: Manager Knobby Walsh discovers young hunk Joe Palooka and trains him to fight the champ. Mobsters try to make life tough for Joe and his socialite girlfriend Anne. Cameos by several boxing stars. Written by Ed Stephan. In this first entry of the Monogram features based on the comic-strip character created by Ham Fisher (while not the first use of the character on the screen), fight manager and promoter Knobby Walsh trains Al Costa to fight for the heavyweight championship, but gangster Florini, with the help of his henchmen, Lefty and Curly, takes the budding champion away from him. Knobby begins the search for a new fighter by taking four fighters and handler Smoky on a tour of tank towns. He finds Joe Palooka, a natural boxer, in a small town. Anne Howe, a society girl passing through town, helps persuade the shy-and-gentle farm boy to sign a contract with Knobby. Joe wins a string of sensational matches and, while training for the championship match with the recently-crowned champion Costa, Anne invites him to a party where her snobby society friend Ronnie Brewster makes a fool of Joe. The latter's training suffers as a result of this and estrangements from Knobby and Anne, but he rebuffs the efforts of Florini to get him to throw the fight.

FULL DESCRIPTION: This is an original 1946 movie poster which pictures Joe Louis. Professionally linen backed.  Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. Not creased or torn.  No tack holes. Clean with no stains. One sheet paper poster, 27" x 41." Scarce, especially in this fine condition.

Size: 27 x 41

Condition: very good