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Peter Maher was born on March 16, 1896 in Gunnode Tuam, Galway, Ireland. He won the Heavyweight Championship on November 11, 1895 after defeating Steve O'Donnell. During his career he also fought Tom Sharkey, Bob Fitzsimmons, and Philadelphia Jack O'Brien. Presented here is a signed contract of Peter Maher's.
This is a one page contract authorizing B.H. Benton to act as Peter Maher's manager for negotiations for his fight with Joe Goddard. The contract is dated May 17, 1898 and Maher defeated Goddard in New York on July 8, 1898. The contract is written in ink and Maher has boldly signed the contract in pencil. There are hand notes on the reverse by boxing historian Bill Schutte who inspected this item for the Duke Hott Auction. The contract is 8 1/2" x 11" and there are small rips along the edges. There is some soiling along the top edge and there are vertical creases through the contract.

Size: 8 1/2 x 11

Condition: very good