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Ray Mancini (born March 4, 1961) is an Italian American former boxer from the south side of Youngstown, Ohio. He held the World Boxing Association lightweight championship for two years in the 1980's. Mancini inherited his distinctive nickname from his father, veteran boxer Lennie "Boom Boom" Mancini, who laid the foundation for his son's career. The name, however, perfectly suited the younger Mancini's wild, "whirlwind" fighting style.Mancini ended his career with a 29-5 record with 23 KO's.Presented here is a signed and personalized photo of Mancini.
This is a signed and personalized photo of mancini.The photo measures 3 inches by 5 inches.The photo is signed in black marker and clean.The photo is clean front and back.

Size: 3 x 5

Condition: excellent