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On March 31, 1903 at Mechanics Pavilion in San Francisco world feather weight champion Young Corbett II defended his title against former title holder Terry McGovern. Young Corbett II knocked out McGovern in the 11th round. "William Rothwell, better known as Young Corbett of Denver, showed decisively tonight that his victory over Terry McGovern of Brooklyn at Hartford a year ago was no fluke by defeating McGovern in the 11th round after a fight in which there was not a second of idleness for either man. In nearly every round Corbett, fighting like a machine, never overlooking an opportunity to send home his blows, had a shade the better of the argument, and when finally in the 11th round he got the Brooklyn boy fairly going he never let up on him, until Terry sank to the floor a badly defeated man. There was some question as to whether or not McGovern was down at the count of 10. McGovern tried to get up and was on his feet an instant after the timekeeper counted him out. As it was, it was nearly a minute after McGovern had been carried to his corner before he was able to sit up and understand what had happened." -The Boston Post. McGovern was also down once each in the first two rounds. The ring was momentarily invaded by McGovern supporters who believed McGovern had beaten the count, but the police immediately piled them through the ropes and restored order. Post fight comments-"The final blow was a right uppercut to the jaw that put McGovern to the floor for the full count. Even had he been able to regain his feet before the count of 10 I would have had him out, as he was absolutely unable to defend himself." -Young Corbett II -"It was the greatest robbery in the history of the prize ring. I had Corbett beaten from start to finish. I landed on him when and where I pleased and surely would have had him out within a few rounds. I was not knocked out, but admit that the right uppercut to the chin dazed me and I took the count in order to save myself." -Terry McGovern. Offered here is a rare, original, full, unused ticket for this event.
This is an original, full, unused ticket which names the fighters, date and venue. Bold color and print. Ticket is mounted. Not creased. Edge and corner wear. Clean. 2 1/2" x 3 3/4." Exceedingly rare, the only we have seen.

Size: 2 1/2 x 3 3/4

Condition: good