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On October 7, 1932 at Madison Square Garden in New York lightweights Jimmy McLarnin and Benny Leonard fought in the main event. In a one sided affair McLarnin stopped Leonard in the 6th round. Leonard was put down in the second round. "McLarnin, no respecter of persons or fistic kingdoms, hammered and battered Leonard pitilessly, while the veteran offered a weak resistance through five of the six rounds. When convinced that it was a futile undertaking by Leonard, Referee Donovan wisely stopped the struggle" (James P. Dawson New York Times). This was Benny Leonard's last professional fight. Offered here is an original wire photo depicting the referee stopping the fight in the 6th round.
This is an original ACME NEWSPICTURES, INC. wire photo with their stamp on the back. No caption. Bold, clear image. Some bleeding of marker on reverse. Clean front and back. Minor edge and surface wear. 7" x 9."

Size: 7 x 9

Condition: very good