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Willie Meehan (B-1893, D-1953) is best known for his five fights with future World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey. Meehan won the first fight, defeating Dempsey by a four-round decision on March 28, 1917. Dempsey avenged the loss on July 25, 1917, winning by a four-round decision. They fought a four-round draw on August 10, 1917 and then fought another four-round draw on September 7, 1917. Their fifth and final fight took place on September 13, 1918. In the year since their previous fight, Dempsey went undefeated in 18 straight fights. He won 13 by knockout, with 10 coming in the first round. Dempsey was a heavy favorite, but Meehan pulled off the upset, winning by a four-round decision. Meehan went 2-1-2 against Dempsey. Other top fighters Meehan fought included Harry Wills, Harry Greb, Billy Miske, Fred Fulton, Ed (Gunboat) Smith, and Tommy Gibbons. He had a six-round newspaper decision win over Jack Dillon in 1917 and a four-round decision win against Sam Langford in 1919. Meehan was also famous for never training or doing any roadwork whatsoever. He ate whatever and whenever he wanted. Meehan started his career as a flyweight and moved all the way up to heavyweight, fighting at about 190 pounds. In January 1917 he split with his manager Moose Taussig. In 1918, the New York Sun wrote: "Meehan is so fat that blows make no impression upon him and he is so awkward that even the cleverest of opponents cannot figure out a way to reach him effectively. Despite the ludicrous appearance he makes in the ring, Meehan really knows a great deal about the game of fisticuffs and he is far from being the easy mark he looks." After his boxing career, Meehan became a production electrician for Hollywood movie studios. Offered here is an original, 1921 exhibit card of Willie Meeham in full, fight pose.
This is an original 1921 Exhibit Supply Company exhibit card. Bold, clear image. Clean front and back. Not creased or torn. Minor corner wear. Minor foxing on back from age. 3 3/8" x 5 3/8."

Size: 3 3/8 x 5 3/8

Condition: excellent