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Herbert Muhammad was born in Detroit, the third son of Elijah Muhammad and his wife, Clara. When his father established his headquarters in Chicago, Jabir Herbert Muhammad became the Nation of Islam’s chief business manager, operating restaurant, bakery and laundry enterprises. He also oversaw its newspaper, Muhammad Speaks. Mr. Muhammad first met Ali after the Liston fight, when Ali visited a photographic studio he operated. Soon afterward, he accompanied Ali to Africa, then introduced him to a woman named Sonji Roy, who had worked in sales for Muhammad Speaks. She became Ali’s first wife a little more than a month later. Jabir Herbert Muhammad, a son of Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam leader, became Ali’s personal manager. When Ali’s contract with his Louisville backers expired in 1966, Mr. Muhammad began managing Ali’s boxing career. Mr. Muhammad, who oversaw Ali’s finances until 1991, a decade after he retired from boxing, said he had undertaken the role at the request of his father to ensure that Ali was not taken advantage of. Herbert Muhammad passed away at the age of 79 in 2008. Offered here is the Boxer Manager of The Decade Award presented to Herbert Muhammad on May 13, 1978 by the Omnibus House Group.
This is the original Omni Award Of Excellence given to Herbert Muhammad. It reads in part, "In Recognition Of His Foresight In Guiding One Of The Greatest Sports Careers And Most Renoun and Distinctive Personalaties In The History Of Boxing "Muhammad Ali." A metal plaque on wood base. A few scratches to both the wood and metal. Remains bold in color and print. 10" x 15." From the collection of long time assistant trainer of Muhammad Ali and firend of Herbert Muhammad, Wali Muhammad.

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Condition: excellent