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Wali Muhammad (the former Walter Youngblood)was born in Louisiana in 1927. He lived in Harlem for most of his adult life. From 1948 through 1964, Wali Muhammad was frequently in the employ of Sugar Ray Robinson, watching over his boxing equipment and serving as a personal aide. He was also an assistant minister to Malcolm X at the Nation of Islam mosque in Harlem. And he spent time at Sugar Ray’s Café, which was a magnet for the entertainment elite. Wali (formerly known as Walter Youngblood or “Blood”) was one of the people who worked behind the scenes in Muhammad Ali’s training camp. He was also in Ali’s corner from the first Ali-Frazier fight on. He was with Ali for all the Frazier fights, Foreman, Spinks and the bad fights against Holmes and Berbick. Wali Muhammad passed away in 2012. Offered here is an original business card of Wali Muhammad.
This is a multi color business card printed on heavy stock. Bold color and print. Crease in lower right corner. Clean front and back. 2" x 3 1/2."

Size: 2 x 3 1/2

Condition: excellent