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William A. Muldoon (May 25, 1845 – June 3, 1933) was the Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion, a physical culturist and the first chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission. He once wrestled a match that lasted over seven hours. Nicknamed "The Solid Man," Muldoon established himself as champion in Greco-Roman wrestling in the 1880s and over the years gained a remarkable measure of public influence that would continue through his days as a health farm proprietor in Westchester County and his service on NYSAC. Muldoon was a mainstay in New York sports for over 50 years. Offered here is an original, rare, pin of William Muldoon which pictures him as he looked in the 1880's. The pin is dated on the reverse, July 21, 1896.
This is an original, metallic, souvenir pin picturing William Muldoon as a wrestler. Manufacturer's label on reverse for Whitehead & Hoag Company. Dated JUly 21, 1896 on label. Pin firmly attached. Bold, clear image. No pitting or rusting. No dents or scratches. 3/4" in diameter. Rare, the only we have offered for sale.

Size: 3/4 inch diamter

Condition: excellent