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On July 21, 1941 at Shibe Park in Philadelphia lightweights Sugar Ray Robinson and Sammy Angott battled in the main event. Robinson won a unanimous ten round decision. Angott was down for a nine count in the 2nd round. He barely beat the count and after that "never could launch a sustained offensive against the dancing, long-armed Robinson who hit him with darting jabs, whistling left hooks and booming bolo punches, rights that came up from the floor to sink into Sammy's stomach." Angott barely won the third round, split the eighth, and won the ninth. Robinson won the others. Offered here is an original wire photo depicting second round action with Robinson standing over the fallen Angott.
This is an original wire photo which has been date stamped on the reverse. Bold, clear image. No creases or tears. Edges appear trimmed. Clean front and back. 7 1/2" x 8."

Size: 7 1/2 x 8

Condition: excellent