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Rocky IV is a 1985 American film written by, directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone. It is the fourth and most financially successful entry in the Rocky franchise. In the film, Rocky Balboa has retired after regaining his title from Clubber Lang and is living a more quiet life with his family. However the Soviet Union and their top boxer make an entrance into professional boxing with their best athlete Ivan Drago with the challenge to fight Balboa. His best friend Apollo Creed decides to fight him instead, but is killed in the ring. Enraged by this, Rocky decides to fight Drago in Russia to avenge his friend and defend the honor of his country. Critical reception was mixed, but the film earned $300 million at the box office, making it the most successful entry in the Rocky series. This film marked Carl Weathers final appearance in the series. The film's success led to a fourth sequel in 1990. Offered here is an original movie poster for Rocky IV.
This is an original, paper, movie poster which pictures Sylvester Stallone as Rocky. Bold color and print. Bold, clear image. Clean front and back. Small tack holes in corners. Several mild creases. One small border tear at lower right with no paper loss. 14" x 22."

Size: 14 x 22

Condition: very good