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This is an original movie poster for the 1944 film Crazy Knights which featured Maxie Rosenbloom. The movie synopsis is circus performers Dave Hammon, Billy Gilbert and Shemp Howard are en route to the next town with their trained gorilla act when they are nearly run off the road by a car driven by Maxie Rosenbloom, the chauffeur to Mr. Gardner. Inside the car, Gardner, his niece Joan and secretary Ralph Williams are discussing a recent threat made on Gardner's life. When Williams asks Maxie to stop so that he can retrieve his hat that has blown out the window, the secretary steps out of the car and immediately afterward, the engine catches fire and explodes. Spotting the stranded vehicle, Dave offers to drive the occupants home. Upon reaching her family's gloomy country estate, Joan invites the three in for a drink. Frightened by the cemetery in the front yard, Shemp and Billy are eager to leave, but Dave, who is attracted to Joan, accepts the invitation. Mrs. Benson, the Gardner's sinister housekeeper, ominously questions Joan's motive for returning to the house after "what happened to her mother." Later, when the lights go off, Joan glimpses a man with a disfigured face, screams, then faints, after which Dave volunteers to search the house and grounds for the man. After Mr. Gardner is struck on the head by an intruder, a terrified Joan asks Dave and his friends to spend the night. As strange voices emanate from thin air, Billy and Shemp witness a ghost frolicking in the front yard near the cemetery and go to investigate. When a tombstone slides over and reveals the mouth to a tunnel, Billy and Shemp hurry to summon Joan and Dave, but by the time they return, the tombstone has slid back to conceal the opening. Soon after, Grogan, a private detective hired by Mrs. Benson, comes to investigate. Gardner, meanwhile, warns Joan to be wary of Williams, who may be trying to frighten her to gain control of her inheritance. Later, chaos erupts when the gorilla escapes from his cage and Joan is kidnapped by a shrouded figure. Hearing Joan's screams, Dave, Shemp and Billy scour the house and find Williams' dead body. As Dave searches the cellar for the murderer, Billy, Shemp and Maxie return to the graveyard to look for the phony headstone. When the stone slides open once again, the three discover a tunnel. Dave, meanwhile, has just located the door leading to the tunnel when his friends open it and burst into the cellar. Struggling to free herself from her abductor, Joan also scrambles through the doorway, followed by the shrouded figure. When Mrs. Benson knocks the figure unconscious with her broom handle, they pull back the shroud and unmask Gardner. Grogan then explains that Mrs. Benson suspected that Gardner had devised the ruse to eliminate Joan, so that he would be awarded control of the money she had inherited.
This is an original, 1944, paper, movie poster which pictures Maxie Rosenbloom. Bold color and print. Clean without staining. Bold, clear images. Has original folds. Several minor edge tears with no paper loss. Some archieval tape on reverse to reinforce seams. One sheet-27" x 41."

Size: 27 x 41

Condition: very good