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Thomas Sayers, also known as Tom Sayers (25 May 1826 - 8 November 1865), was an English pugilist. During his career as a bare-knuckle fighter, at the time illegal, he was only once defeated. At 5 feet 8 inches in height with a fighting weight of under 11 stone, he was the first boxer to be declared the World Heavyweight Champion. His fighting career lasted from 1849 until 1860, when a match billed as the contest for the "World Championship" ended in disarray. An unprecedented public collection funded his comfortable retirement, but he died only five years later at age 39.first generation, Presented here is a rare, original, first generation antique photo of Sayers.
This antique photo measures 6 inches by 8 inches.The photo is mounted with a paper backing with newspaper,The photo is clean,no creases.The corners and edges show minor wear.The image is vivid.Very rare.

Size: 6 x 8

Condition: excellent