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HISTORY: On February 27, 1930 at the Madison Square Garden Stadium in Miami, Florida future world heavyweight champion Jack Sharkey fought Phil Scott in the main event. Sharkey dominated the British champion and stopped him in the third round. "Jack Sharkey now stands alone as the foremost heavyweight contender of the world, for he won last night on a TKO after 2:34 of fighting and a minute of frantic, furious argument and uncertainty in the 3rd round. The Englishman, Phil Scott, went down for a count of six in the 2nd, and three times from body blows in the 3rd before he finally gave up, sitting on one of the ropes bewilderedly wondering why his customary claim of foul was taking so long to receive recognition. It is true that Sharkey, in his eagerness to finish his man, landed dangerously low once or twice with left hooks, but the blows were not hard, not to be compared with those that caused Scott's knees to cave in. After the third knockdown in the 3rd round, the referee invited Jimmy Johnston to come in the ring and see if his Englishman wanted any more. It took a full minute to persuade Scott to go on, but finally he did, under threat of DQ, and then Sharkey finished the job in workmanlike fashion." -United Press. Post fight comments-"I haven't seen him. I told you last night that I had never seen him. I haven't seen him yet. Scott quit." -Gene Tunney, when asked what he thought of Scott.-"Just think, they wouldn't give me $25,000 to fight on this card but let a fellow like Scott get in there for the main bout. It would have paid them to pay me $25,000. I would have drawn much more than that. Scott's a bum." -Young Stribling, referring to MSG countering his $25,000 proposal with $15,000 to fight on the card. James L. Kilgallen reported: Boos assailed Scott's ear drums and he crawled through the ropes, assisted by his seconds and almost carried to his dressing room. There, two doctors examined him and found a blood clot over his right hip bone about an inch below the belt line. Dr. Morton K. Hertz of New York, a ring side observer, was one of the physicians who examined Scott. He described the Englishman's injury as "traumatic sciatica" induced by a blow on the right hip. The blow, he said, disrupted the sciatica nerve and rendered Scott's legs helpless. Pins were stuck in Scott's legs and he stated he did not feel them. Scott was also examined by Dr. C. F. Stokes. The latter, too, declared that Scott had been fouled, and that the nerves of his legs had been temporarily paralyzed. Offered here is an original, souvenir pin with ribbons to this event. The pin states, "EDDIE MACK SPECIAL," a reference to the promoter. The blue ribbon prints the date, "MIAMI, FLA. FEB. 27. 1930," and the red ribbon the fighters, "SHARKEY-SCOTT FIGHT."

FULL DESCRIPTION: This is an original, metallic souvenir pin with two ribbons attached. The pin states, "EDDIE MACK SPECIAL," a reference to the promoter. The blue ribbon prints the date, "MIAMI, FLA. FEB. 27. 1930," and the red ribbon the fighters, "SHARKEY-SCOTT FIGHT." Pin manufactured by Cammall Badge Co. of Boston as noted on reverse. Pin firmly attached to the back. Bold color and print. Clean. Slight fraying at end of ribbons which are well intact. Pin is 1 1/4" in diameter. The ribbons are 1" x 3 3/4" each. Exceedingly rare. We have not seen another.

Size: 1 3/4" x 5"

Condition: Excellent