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On September 27, 1890 at the Ormonde Club in London heavyweights Frank Slavin and Joe McAuliffe battled in a fight dubbed as a championship fight. Slavin stopped McAuliffe in the second round. Slavin wins the Police Gazette championship belt. However, according to Australia's The Referee of Oct. 1, 1890: "The match has been referred to by some journalists, ignorant of sporting laws, as a championship one, but such was not the case. The men simply fought for a purse of £1,000 and a diamond belt given by a well known American journal run by a very cute man." Offered here is a very rare boxing silk advertising the fight.
This boxing silk advertising the fight has the fighters colors in the corner. In the center it dubs the fight as Australia Vs. America. Has the original folds. Generally clean with some small spottoing and perhaps glue stains on the border. Presents very well. Bold color, rare for items this old. 33" x 33."

Size: 33 x 33

Condition: very good