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Hans Steinke (February 22, 1893 – June 26, 1971) was a German professional wrestler and actor. He appeared in the films Deception, Island of Lost Souls, People Will Talk, Nothing Sacred and The Buccaneer. Steinke began his career in Germany, where he was born, and won renown as “The German Oak.” He came to this country in 1923 and wrestled until his retirement in 1940. Hans Steinke appeared in a dozen or so movies as a supporting actor. In later years he was in the cement‐contracting business. John Lardner, the columnist, commented in an article in The New York Times Magazine in 1954 that “the action in honest pro wrestling is just as wild as in chess.” “As a boy,” he noted, “I saw Hans Steinke and Stanislaus Zbyszko wrestle honestly in hall in Great Neck, L.I. At 10:45, when my family took me home, without resistance, the pachyderms had moved once in half an hour—when Steinke's nose twitched.” Mr. Steinke, a giant of a man, weighing 240 pounds at his prime, did a good deal more than merely twitch his nose. In one match, according to an ac count in The Times, he “scored one of the most surprising wrestling victories of the sea son” when he pinned Zbyszko's shoulders to the mat when his own defeat seemed near. He died of lung cancer on June 26, 1971, in Chicago, Illinois at age 78. Offered here is a circa 1920's stone lithographic poster depicting Hans Steinke in full wrestling pose and attire.
This is an original, paper, stone lithographic poster. Bold color and print. Bold, clear image. Not creased or torn. Restoration at the original folds and on the edges, not affecting the image. Professionally linen backed. Exceedingly rare, the only example we have seen. 27 3/4" x 42 1/4."

Size: 27 3/4 x 42 1/4

Condition: excellent