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On July 8, 1889 in Richburg, Mississippi World Heavyweight Champion, John L. Sullivan met and defeated challenger Jake Kilrain in what would be the last defense of his title in bare knuckles. This fight was fought under the grueling heat and scorching sun typical of summer in the south. The fight lasted 75 rounds before Kilrain was forced to submit. Presented here is an extremely rare supplement poster issued by National Police Gazette commemorating this fight.
This is an original, paper, color supplement poster which was issued by the National Police Gazette on July 27, 1889 to commemorate the fight. Blank back. Professionally linen backed. Minor restoration at edges. Not creased or torn. Clean. Bold color and print. Bold, clear images. Rare, the only example of this poster we have seen. 19" x 27."

Size: 19 x 27

Condition: excellent