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Lew Tendler is called the greatest southpaw (left-hander) in ring history by The Ring magazine editor-publisher Nat Fleischer. In 1961, Tendler became the sixteenth prize-fighter elected to the Boxing Hall of Fame. Yet, as great a fighter as he was, Tendler never won a championship. From his first professional fight in 1913, at age 15 years, until his final bout in 1928, Tendler fought the best in four weight classes, including seven world champions. A brilliant lightweight and welterweight, Tendler made just one career mistake: fighting in the same era as the legendary Benny Leonard. He would meet champion Leonard in two classic and widely heralded matches, losing the first bruising battle on a no-decision. Although the younger Tendler had soundly thrashed Leonard throughout their 12- round bout, the State of New Jersey (site of the July 27, 1922 match) had a no-decision law that meant a champion could only lose his title by a knockout.Presented here is a cut ink signature signed and personalized by Tendler.
This is a cut ink signature that has been personalized by Tendler.The cut measures 2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.The signature is in ink and has some fading due to moisture.The cut also has a picture attached.

Size: 2 x 3 1/2

Condition: good