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Sidney Terris ("The Galloping Ghost of the Ghetto," "The Galloping Ghost," and "The Dancing Master of the East Side"; born September 26, 1904, in New York, NY; died December 1974, in Miami, Florida) was an American boxer. A world ranking lightweight from February 1925 until November 1929, his highest ranking was # 1. As an amateur Sid Terris had 50 consecutive victories. He won the New State, Metropolitan, National and International Championships -- all in a period of ten months. A wizard of ring craft, possessing the fastest pair of legs owned by a human being in the prize ring. His speed was uncanny. He would literally surround an opponent with his amazing dexterity. At the same time he would be spraying the opposition with an array of left hand jabs that came from nowhere. When he was set properly for a right hand punch he could hit with more than annoying propensity. Before he started his professional career in 1922, he had accumulated an impressive array of victories in the amateur ranks, never whipped during his medal chasing days. During his pro days the only ones who gave him trouble were those who reached his body at close quarters. His rapidity made him almost impossible to reach at long range. During the early twenties he was faced with some stern opposition. He fought Ace Hudkins in Chicago for ten rounds and there were some witnesses who claim he was never hit during the entire period. He was dropped by Ruby Goldstein for a nine count during their historic six round session but arose and immediately kayoed Goldstein with the first right blow he landed. He faced such gladiators as Jack Bernstein, Sammy Mandell, Ray Miller, Benny Valger, Luis Vicentini, Jimmy Goodrich, Rocky Kansas, Johnny Dundee, Stanislaus Loayza, Phil McGraw, Jimmy McLarnin, Billy Petrolle and others of portionate ability. When the speed of his legs vanished, he disappeared as a title contender. He was beaten in his last bout by Johnny Gaito on May 7, 1931, at Yonkers, NY. In historical perspective Terris would have been hailed as a genius of the ring. Offered here is an original wire photo dated December 2, 1924 depicting Terris with his mother, sister and two brothers.
This is an original Pacific & Atlantic Photos, Inc. wire photo with their stamp and caption on back. Bold, clear image. Not creased or torn. Edge and corner wear. Minor printer marks on border. 7 1/4" x 9 1/2."

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