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USA Boxing is the national governing body for Olympic-style amateur boxing. It is overseen by the United States Olympic Committee and the International Boxing Association (AIBA), which sets its rules. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, USA Boxing is a non-profit organization responsible for the administration, development and promotion of Olympic-style boxing in the United States. USA Boxing, formerly known as the United States Amateur Boxing Federation, has governed men's amateur boxing in the United States since 1888. USA Boxing officially lifted its ban on women's boxing in 1993. USA Boxing comprises 56 Local Boxing Committees, which are grouped into 14 geographical regions. These LBCs, along with the coaches, athletes, and officials, form the backbone of USA Boxing and Olympic-style boxing in the United States. Boxing facilities, coaches, officials and athletes may be affiliated with USA Boxing, with athletes receiving an official "passbook" to be presented and marked at all sanctioned events. Athletes are classified according to age, gender and weight, with boxers younger than seventeen known as "juniors" and those thirty-five or older known as "masters". The national amateur boxing championships now sponsored by USA Boxing and titled the United States Championships were formerly the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Boxing championships. The Championships crown a United States Amateur Champion in each of the sanctioned weight classes. USA Boxing organizes the USA Knockouts team in the World Series of Boxing. Offered here is an official patch for USA/BOXING.
This is a red, white and blue cloth patch with gold border. Clean with no flaws. No rips, tears or folds and no stains. Irregularly shaped to 4" x 4."

Size: 4 x 4

Condition: near mint