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Jess Willard (December 29, 1881 – December 15, 1968) was a world heavyweight boxing champion known as the Pottawatomie Giant. He won the heavyweight title from Jack Johnson in April 1915. He was known for his great strength and ability to absorb tremendous punishment, although today he is best known for his title loss to Jack Dempsey. Willard held the championship for more than four years. Today his reign is considered the 11th longest in the heavyweight division. He lost the title to Jack Dempsey in 1919 in one of the most severe beatings ever in a championship bout. Willard was knocked down for the first time in his career during the first round and another six times before the round was over; he suffered broken ribs, shattered jaw, broken nose, four missing teeth, partial hearing loss in one ear along with numerous cuts and contusions. Jess fought for two more rounds before retiring on his stool due to the injuries he received in the first round, relinquishing the title. Offered here is a promotional poster of Jess Willard produced by the Sporting Records on December 31, 1915 in which his proposed fight with Fred Fulton on March 4, 1916 is hyped and defended. In fact, Willard defended his title on March 25, 1916 against Frank Moran.
This is an original, paper, promotional poster which pictures Jess Willard and which includes his record to date. Bold color and print. Bold, clear image. Professionally linen backed. Clean. Not creased or torn. Minor restoration at folds and edges. 14" x 21."

Size: 14 x 21

Condition: excellent